Library Proper Meeting Spaces Policy

As of August 5, 2015, the East Palestine Memorial Public Library Board of Trustees has adopted the following policy regarding activities conducted in the Library proper:

Library Proper Meeting Spaces Policy

As part of its service to the community, the East Palestine Memorial Public Library provides meeting spaces within the Library proper (open tables & chairs).  These spaces are made available by the Library on an equitable basis and must be consistent with the objectives and goals of the Library which include informational needs, individual enrichment, educational activities, civic activities, and recreational activities.

The Library Board of Trustees encourages the widest possible use of the Library proper meeting spaces by nonprofit groups and government agencies as long as it does not interfere with the normal functions of the Library.

Meetings occurring with the Library proper spaces must be free and open to the general public at all times.

The following uses of meeting spaces within the Library proper spaces are strictly prohibited:

  1. The Library may not be used for commercial, for-profit purposes (i.e., job interviews, sale of services, executing fee-for-service agreements, including private tutoring, or securing contracts of commitment to services provided elsewhere).

  2. Programs may not be conducted that involve the sale, advertising, promotion of commercial products or services, or programs sponsored by a business firm, regardless of purpose, except for Library-sponsored events that are subject to Library Board approval.

  3. Distributing leaflets, fliers, or other materials inside the Library.

  4. Conducting marketing or surveys within the Library.

  5. Political campaign purposes.

  6. Private social events.

  7. Worship services held as part of a faith’s regular religious regimen.

  8. Or any other circumstance / situation that the Board specifically prohibits.